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Mission Statement:

" The aim is to make sure the individual & group understand the fundamentals of dog training applying positive dog training techniques. Therefore, customer care and customer satisfaction is of the highest priority. We strive to help you have a 'well trained dog' as a happy dog makes a happy owner ".

Pet Corner
was established in 2016 & offers the following:

♦ Animal Behaviour Consultations.

♦ Dog training advice & private tuition.

♦ Online pet store offering behavioural & training products 

About me: Alistair Spinks (Animal Behaviourist, Dog Trainer & Business Owner. 

I am a qualified Animal Behaviourist. I have a BSc Honours in Animal Behaviour Science, Foundation Degree in Animal Studies, and a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Care. After my studies I joined the Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC) as a dog handler/trainer. During my time in the RAVC I have trained dogs for protection and detection for arms and explosives. I have instructed handlers in the development of their role in these areas. I have also provided behavioural advice to other handlers to facilitate their role handling and training military working dogs.

It is important to understand the dog's behaviour prior to any dog training and handling in order to get the best out of them.






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