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Spinky's Pet Corner 23/12/2018

Residential Dog Training/Day Dog Training Service/s

Have you bought a puppy and need help training your puppy whilst your away at work or too busy to train your dog?  
Spinky’s Pet Corner has a solution by offering a Doggy Day Training Service and residential dog training service tailored to your dog’s needs.
Training plans can be set up to help train your dog teaching obedience to specialist areas such as tracking/trials.

Out door area
What does the Doggy Day Training Service offer?
We will pick your dog in the morning and return your dog to you in the afternoon in a 5-mile radius free of charge. Timings to be arranged on the assessment.
Train your dog in the following:
  • Sit, down, stay, recall on long leash, leave & no commands.
  • Environmental training around people, dogs, domestic animals & the local environment.
  • Create a training plan which you will have access too.
  • Weekly updates and reviewed on a date agreed by both parties.
  • Positive dog training methods used only.
  • Discounts available on training & behaviour products.
  • Basic clicker training & calm mat training.
There are additional training services available for an extra fee. Contact me for more details.
What facilities do we have?
  • Secure compound.
  • Agility equipment.
  • Scent work area.
  • Obedience area.
  • Pet First aid qualified staff & DBS checked.
  • British standards kennelling in the vehicle & ventilation.
How long does the training take?
Day dog training can be done for one day to over weeks/months depending your dog’s training goals which can be discussed and arranged between the trainer and the owner/s.
Where does the training take place?
Training takes place at the training centre at Faldingworth and the local areas. There is a local kennel which can be used for owner/s that require the dog/s that require an overnight stay & trained whilst away on holiday.
An additional secure compound will be built and established by Feb 2019 with an indoor classroom, shop and consultation room with separate loose run areas.
How much does it cost?
Day Dog training daily rate = £25.
Traveling out fee = £1 for every 10 minutes travelled.
Overnight stay will incur an additional £11 charge.

Additional fees for Extra dog training services:
Fun Agility = £10
Tracking/Trailing = £15
Scent work = £17
Gundog training = £25
Intermediate Dog Training (Off leash work & distance control) = £13
Security Dog Training = £20
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