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In house Dog Training Courses Summary

In house Dog Training Courses

MODULE 1: Dog Training Methods and Applications

This module is designed to specifically go in depth in to dog training methods to help train your dog via positive reinforcement.

Each topic is covered and delivered to the handler (or owner) via handouts, practical exercises with your own dog and theoretical work.

The aim of the module is to give the owner (or handler) an in depth understanding how to train their dog via classical and operant conditioning using marker training & clicker training as well as other positive training methods such as luring.
Furthermore, we will look at the cognitive side (intelligence) of the dog and how you can utilise it: Thinking outside the box to train your dog!

This module would benefit those who like to sharpen the dog training knowledge for competition work or working dogs as well as personal development in canine behaviour & training.

We will also look at how to schedule a training session maximising the time and efficiency to train your dog and bring the best out of them positively for competition or dog training on a day to day basis.

Main Areas of the Module

 Quadrant Cycle: Types of reinforcement & punishment
 Primary and secondary reinforces
 Learned behaviours & associations
 Classical & Operant conditioning

Further Broken down in to specific areas:
o Marker training & Clicker training.
o Reward schedules
o Reward Ratios
o Timing
o Approximation & Shaping
o Extinction & extinction outburst
o Calm mat
 Social Learning
 How dogs Learn
o Luring
o Modelling
o Capturing

The module can be done in your own home or in your local field or play area. The cost of the module includes handouts and dog training equipment provided. Just bring some dog treats your dog's favourite toy.
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GSD training
I have an 11 months old German Shepherd girl she is a very clever dog but I had some issues with her like pulling on the lead and being easily distracted by other dogs and children. Therefore I have decided to look for a professional advice. I have found Alistair advert on a fb. After our initial conversation I was very impressed with his knowledge, qualifications and experience. We have just ended the 6 weeks course and I would just like to say thank you for all your excellent advice and assistance with our GSD Heidi, she has become a much more rounded obedient dog and we couldn't be happier with her progress. All your advice was tailored around Ellie and our lifestyle, at no point were you judgmental or pushy and you never tried to persuade us to pay for any more sessions than required. We can now walk Heidi off the lead in most places and she is more interested in me (well her ball anyway!) rather than other people and dogs around us. We still have a lot of work to do but i feel that we have the tools and knowledge to keep improving.
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