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Dog Tracking Seminar - Like to learn about how dog's track
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Dog Tracking Seminar - Like to learn about how dog's track Summary

Dog Tracking Seminar - Like to learn about how dog's track

2nd June 2017, TUE 1900 - 2100
Cost: £18, Specators: £8

SPECIAL OFFER: £15 for participating & FREE for spectators.

The venue is 10 miles from Brookenby and is 10 acres of arable fields and undulated.

I will be running a dog tracking workshop for people interested in the learning how to teach your dog to track and improving your line handling: 


1) Line Handling at the start of track.

2) Line handling on corners.

3) Scent pads om corners.

4) Appreciation of environmental factors e.g. wind and temperature (hump theory).

5) Reading the dog's tracking behaviour and responding correctly. 

1) Learning how to lay a track.

2) Learning how to lay tracks to progress your dog on multiple corners.

3) How to progressively age a track and get the best out of your dog.

4) How to do a track plan lay out. 

I have got previous experience training police dogs for the MOD and carried out projects in variables affecting the dog's tracking ability as part of my Foundation degree course. 

There will be 4 places for dog teams and spectators welcome available to the event will be over 1 hr and 30 minutes. 

You can bring your dog with you and just need to be able to kennel or house your dog in your car in between training dogs and showing you training methods. 

Dog teams must be able to house their dogs in a kennel in their car. 

Classes are fully insured and i am a Professional Dog Trainer with 15 years experience training dogs and dealing with Canine Behaviour Problems. 

Thank you

Alistair Spinks BSc Hons, FDSc, BTEC ND, National Association Dog User's (NASDU) Approved Trainer for General Purpose Dogs level 2 & 3 (Associate level).
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Geb my dog and me have been doing tracking with Alistair for some time and love it.We have attained the UK tracking dog Association foundation level and are now working towards level 1 and hope to achieve that within next couple of months. It is a great way to teach you and your dog to work together and really creates a great bond. It is very enjoyable for both of us and Alistair has so much experience in tracking he can make sure he gets the best out of the partership of you and your dog.He is always patient and makes sure you know what you are doing and wants you to progress to the highest level you can. It can be quite intense when you first do it but is very rewarding when you and your dog start to achieve good results together. I am so glad we took it up and we always look forward to our lessons.
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